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Help concerning bid increments

General information

What is a bid increment?

A bid increment is the amount by which a bidder has to outbid the currently highest bid.
Bid increments are determined for certain amounts, i.e. the first increment is 5€ for the rangeof 0€ to 50€ or 10€ for the range of 50€ to 200€. Bids that do not accord with the increments will not be accepted by the auction house.
In general, the range of bid increments is 10% of the maximum amount for this range of increments (5€ increment up to and including a maximum amout of 50€. example:
The current bid for a lot is 15€ and the bid increment is 5€, which means that the bidder has to offer at least 20€.
However, it is also possible to bid the other steps within this increment range of up to 50€, e.g. 25€, 30€, 35€, etc.
. The bidder cannot offer 55€, as, starting with 50€ the required increment is 10€. The next bid in this example would be 60€.

What is the first bid increment?

The first increment is always the starting price of a lot. A bid below this price is usually not accepted. This bid is the start of all the following bid increments, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

When does which bid increment apply?

In a standard auction absentee bids can only be issued on the basis of the bid increments which also applys to bids placed live at the auction house.
In exceptional cases, the auction house may accept bids outwith the bid increments.

In a timed auction bids can only be placed according to the bid increments.
This also applies for a live auctions .


The following table shows the current bid increments for the auction. Please note that although these apply for this auction, they are not necessarily valid for other auctions!

Current price Bid increment
10 EUR 5 EUR
100 EUR 10 EUR
200 EUR 20 EUR
500 EUR 50 EUR
1.000 EUR 100 EUR
2.000 EUR 200 EUR
5.000 EUR 500 EUR
10.000 EUR 1.000 EUR
20.000 EUR 2.000 EUR
50.000 EUR 5.000 EUR
100.000 EUR 10.000 EUR
200.000 EUR 20.000 EUR
500.000 EUR 50.000 EUR
1.000.000 EUR 100.000 EUR